April 30, 2011

Nenu Naa Rakshasi Movie Review

Puri Jagannadh promised that NNR would be a different film from run of the mill stuff. He said that it is a different film that falls under the genre of film noir. The trailers raised curiosity so much that people expected a completely new kind of cinema experience with Nenu Naa Rakshasi. Did the film live up to expectations? Know complete details in this review…

Abhimanyu aka Abhi (Rana) is a professional killer who falls in love with Meenakshi (Ileana) in the first sight. She has a strange habit of shooting live suicides and uploads them on Youtube. Cops are in search of her and at one point Abhi wants to commit suicide and calls Meenakshi. After attempting to kill himself Abhi comes to know that the girl who is shooting his suicide video is none other than the one he is madly in love with. He survives and asks Meenakshi to accept his love. Then he comes to know that she is going to commit suicide in fifteen days. What happens next in between this odd couple forms rest of the story.

The film started off an interesting note. Characters are not similar to what we get to see in regular movies. However, a professional killer falling for a girl at first sight didn’t suit the characterization. Remember Nagarjuna and Mahesh in Antham and Athadu movies? They don’t run after a girl. Professional killers are far from these sensitive feelings.

Leaving that loophole aside, there are interesting twists and turns in the movie, particularly in the first hour. The speed at which the screenplay races away is breathtaking. Interval point is good. But when the story shifts to Venice, the graph starts falling down. Suddenly the characters look out of place. The characters which seemed that they are going through so much pain in their lives turn jovial out of nowhere.

Puri’s promise of different cinema ends at the interval point and from then on it is sheer torture. Is Puri completely out of ideas? Although the basic plot is interesting the execution is pretty bad. We don’t expect this kind of output from Puri Jagannadh. Placing songs in this type of film is another major minus. Separate comedy track on Ali and Mumaith lacked the punch.

The movie doesn’t even end on a sad note to pass a strong message to audience. Puri chose a commercial climax which didn’t fit into this at all.

Rana did okay in his role. He is raw at times and failed to show the pain and love in his expressions. He has a good screen presence and that comes to his rescue most of the times. He can’t dance too. His slight dance moves resembles his uncle Venkatesh. Rana has to work hard on his expressions and dances to try his hand at commercial films.

Ileana is good. Her role is a complicated one but the director left her version till the climax so that her character remains passive most of the time. She did her part well when it is required.

Ali, Mumaith’s comedy track is vulgar. Abhimanyu Singh who excelled in Raktha Charitra once again proved his mettle. But his character doesn’t have place in this movie. It seems as if it was forced into the movie. Subbaraju is fine and the child actress is cute.

Music is heavily inspired from English songs. Actually there is no scope for songs in this movie. Background score is fine. Editing is the major asset. SR Sekhar did a wonderful job. Editor’s work, especially in the first hour is superb. Cinematography is good too. Technically Nenu Naa Rakshasi is a well made movie. Even the story is good. But Puri faltered with screenplay. This type of concepts should not be dealt in this manner. It will remain a good lesson for directors who forcibly try to inject commercial elements into such concept based movies.

Puri once again proved that he is out of form at the moment. Take a break Puri! Production values are good. Venice is turning out to be our South cinema’s favorite destination of late.

Plus Points:
- Interesting elements in the first half

Minus points:
- Screenplay
- Boring second half

Final Word: After watching the movie, anyone would wonder about why this film was made? There is no purpose for it. Suicidal tendencies are a strong sensitive subject and the director makes a mess of it. He should have done good research and made this movie on a small scale to justify the subject. Making a movie on sensitive subjects without any purpose is waste of money and time. Don’t waste your hard earned money on this movie.

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