July 4, 2011

Brammigadi Katha Movie Review

After making a thought provoking films like 'Mee Sreyobhilashi', director Eeshwar Reddy has set out to make a comedy entertainer with 'Bramhigadi Katha..'  As the title suggests, there is Bramhanandam playing the most crucial role in the movie. The movie released this Friday in theatres without much publicity..The theatres were empty thanks to very little promotions for the film. We watched it today with least expectations and 'Bramhigadi Kadha..' came as a pleasant surprise. Read on to find out more about this laugh riot....
Shiva(Varun Sandesh) is a student. On his way in the train from Vijayawada to Hyderabad, he meets a girl named Maya(Asmita Sood). Since a few people were chasing her, she looks pertrified. Shiva saves her from them. By the time the train reaches Hyderabad, the girl vanishes. Shiva has a cousin named Bhagya(Poonam Kaur). She loves him and wants to marry him. Her father(Jayaprakash Reddy) too wants her to get married to Shiva. After reaching Hyderabad, Shiva searches for Maya in vain. One day, Shiva and Bhagya go shopping to Koti market and they find Maya being chased by the same gang. He and his friend Pandu(Krishnudu) save her from the goons and are on the run from them. Angry that Shiva ran away with another girl, Bhagya complaints to her dad. He also commissions his men to chase them. Meanwhile, Jayaprakash Reddy is keen on producing a movie and invites director Bramhi (Bramhanandam) to his house for story narration. As Jayaprakash Reddy's men chase Shiva and Maya, Bramhi is narrating the movie story to Jayaprakash Reddy at his residence. He finds a startling resemblence to the story being narrated by director Bramhi and the real life chase of Shiva and Maya. The rest of the story is full of surprises and twists. It makes for an interesting watch to see how Bramhi knows the real life troubles of Shiva and Maya, why goons are chasing Maya and how does Jayaprakash Reddy react to director Bramhi's story.
Varun Sandesh is not great but thankfully he doesn't have a wierd American accent in this film. There is nothing new or great about his action in this movie. The director should have chosen someone else as heroine instead of Asmita Sood. She is the most expressionless girl in the glamour field. She is at best a good model. Asmita needs to watch a few movies and improvise her expressions if she is serious about her acting career. Most often she is a turn off. Bramhanandam and Jayaprakash Reddy are the real heroes of this film. Their chemistry, dialogues, screen presence and expressions make you laugh out loud. After a really long time, Bramhanandam got to perform in a role that is fresh and not cliched. Poonam Kaur is silly. Krishnudu did a commendable job.
Clapworthy moments:
Director Eshwar Reddy deserves applause for a good screenplay and narration. For the first time in the recent past, a movie has situational comedy that is new, logical and sensible. The music by Koti is soothing. The tracks 'Life is gone' and Cheppalenantha Mata Edo..'are well sung. The item girl in the item number 'Yala Yala Yala' is super hot. If marketed well, this track could turn out to be one of the biggest crowd pullers for the film. The dialogues in this film are very funny. For instance, when Krishnudu asks Jayaprakash Reddy, 'Enduku Koduthunaru?'...Jayaprakash answers 'Metthaga Undhani..' More than half the run time in this movie has chasing scenes. But the narration of the story by Bramhanandam to Jayaprakash is interluded in the chasing scenes to keep boredom away. One scene each in this film was shot at Salarjung Museum, Charminar, Golconda Fort, Malaysian Township, Tankbund, Imax theatre, Musi, Highcourt, Patny Centre et al in Hyderabad. The director showed each of these places while shooting the chasing scene. The ring tones used by the actors in this film are super hilarious. It is either a dialogue or a ring tone that will make you laugh once every three minutes.
Cringeworthy moments:
Varun Sandesh needs to learn how to dance. His dance is worser than that of toddlers. Asmita Sood and her out of the place expressions are a big turn off. Acting classes are strongly reccomended to her. Poonam Kaur is annoying.She is either overacting or underplaying herself all the time. She also deserves to go back to film school. Wonder why Jayaprakash Reddy has to put on his Rayalaseema accent in every movie? It has now become old. He must try something new. The less we talk about the cinematography the better.
This movie is strongly reccomended for a one time watch. Time pass film. Worth your money..


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