June 25, 2011

Nagaram Nidra Potunna Vela Movie Review

Niharika (Charmee) is a journalist who believes in true idealism and bringing truth to the people. However, her boss (Ahuti Prasad) believes in TRP increasing sensational news than truths.

She decides to venture out one night and gather some interesting bits for the channel. However, due to a freak coincidence, her pen camera captures a conversation between a crooked politician (Pilla Prasad) and his dangerous plan to oust the CM and take his chair.

The politician’s goons set out to kill Niharika and in this process, she comes across Babu (Jagapathi Babu). What are the challenges Niharika faces in her quest for truth? Is she able to stop the mayhem? All this forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:
It is a pity to see Charmee doing such meaningless roles. She should introspect her talent and increase her self confidence. She has a lot better acting material and sex appeal than such roles.

Jagapathi Babu comes up with another blinder. One really wonders if he is the same Durga we saw in ‘Ghayam’. He did his bit mechanically but honestly this is another black mark to his career.

Pilla Prasad was apt in his performance. The menacing looks, the dialogue delivery suit his evil shades. He must be given more opportunities.

Uttej was effective, Parachuri Gopalakrishna was okay, Ahuti Prasad was average, Babu Mohan made his presence felt, Siva Reddy was wasted. The others didn’t have anything to offer.


Outdated storyline
Poor screenplay
Zero comedy
Weak songs
No conviction in scenes
Lacklustre plot
Over preaching

Final Analysis:
For some reason, few directors tend to think that if they put two and two together with some noted faces, the film becomes a hit.

Well, these are few fundamental errors which have not been rectified. Here, the makers try to come up with a message oriented flick but such themes require a strong conviction and a good grip over the script.

Also, it must have the ability to draw the audience into the story. Nothing of that was followed. With a stale narrative and poor technical values, the film tries to talk about bringing about a change in the system. One can see shades of films like ‘Rann’ ‘Corporate’ and other social movies. Projecting Maoist philosophy as the right solution is another disaster. Instigating youth to take arms is unforgivable.

Overall, this is a film which is weak in production values, content and execution. At the box office, it will sleep just like the title within one week.


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