May 23, 2011

Raviteja Veera Movie Review

Raviteja who has been delivering successful films in a row is now back again as Veera. This film is directed by Ramesh Varma on Sanvi Productions banner. Mr. Perfect ladies Kajal and Taapsee played the female leads in it. Here is the detailed review of Veera…

Veera (Raviteja) comes in disguise of a security officer to save his sister (Sridevi) family which is being targeted by few goons from his bloody past. Veera is a good man who fights for his people. But his sister doesn’t like him to see as a killer. Therefore he hides that from her. However, she comes to know about this when her family gets brutally killed by Veera’s enemy Rayudu (Pradeep Rawat). Veera loses his wife Kabaddi Chitti (Kajal) and step mother (Roja) too. How he avenges their death and saves his sister family forms rest of the story.

Veera is a routine film blended with action, comedy and romance. Ramesh Varma who earlier directed Oka Oorilo and Ride has directed this film which is far different from his previous films. But is very similar to hundreds of Telugu films from the past.

Veera heads in the eighties kind of narration with a song-fight-comedy-song-fight… type of treatment. It lacks the soul and purpose to keep the audience glued to the screen. Highly predictable storyline and boring screenplay are the major drawbacks of this film. Anybody who is known for being immensely patient too will be tested by this torturous flick which never seizes on boring to the core.

Veera is for die hard mass fans who like to see severed limbs and arms flying all over the screen. Audience with sensibilities won’t like it a bit. This is one of the worst films that are released in the recent times, we can say.

Raviteja looked unenthusiastic and uninteresting throughout the film. His chemistry with Brahmanandam is usually sparkling but it lacked the bite in Veera. There are two shades to his character and both of them are very badly done.

Kajal is Okay when compared to Taapsee. Neither of them got any chance to leave a mark. Roja and Divyavani played two important characters and they proved that they have grown better with age. Sridevi gets her expressions right. Pradeep Rawat is standard. So are other baddies. Brahmanandam is below average. Ali is Okay up to some extent. Kick Shyam got wasted. Rest of the cast didn’t have anything special to mention.

Thaman SS music is routine. He is repeating himself very often. If he does the same very often he will soon see the exit door. A couple of songs are catchy and hum-able though. Abburi Ravi dialogs lacked the spice. He doesn’t have powerful lines to elevate the character of Veera. Chota K Naidu’s cinematography is fine. Editing by Gowtam Raju isn’t slick enough. Production values are good. So much money is spent and that could be seen on the screen.

Ramesh Varma isn’t a director material. His shot making and framing shows his inability. A reasonable director might have made a film out of this. Whereas Ramesh Varma made a disaster out of it. He should get back to basics if he wants to survive in the industry.

Plus Points:
- Raviteja up to some extent
- A couple of songs
- Production values

Minus points:
- Story and screenplay
- Too much blood and gore
- Lack of proper comedy
- So called entertaining scenes fell flat
- Direction

Final Word: Veera – Torture redefined!

Box office predictions:
Veera opened to weak collections all over. With the talk ranging from disaster to flop, it will find tough to get back the investment. Has a chance to do better in mass centers while it will be a washout in A centers.

Veera Review rating: 2/5


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