November 16, 2010

Priyamani, Jagapathi Babu films continues

Priyamani, who did a female oriented film Sadhyam earlier is doing yet another heroine-centric film titled ‘Kshetram’. Shaam (Kick fame) is playing a male lead in the film while Jagapathi Babu who shared screen with her in three films, ‘Pellaina Kothalo’, ‘Pravarakhyudu’ and ‘Sadhyam’ is playing a special role in the film.However, this time Jagapathi Babu is not doing the hero role. This would be their fourth film on-screen.However, this time Jagapathi Babu is not doing the hero role
Kshetram will be launched on 17th November with a formal pooja. Apart from kshetram, Priyamani is coming up with ‘Ragada’ opposite Nagarjuna, ‘Rhim jim’ opposite Sumanth and ‘Rakta-Charitra 2’ opposite Surya. While the release dates of the former flicks have not yet been announced, Rakta Charitra is slated for a release on 3rd, December.


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