October 20, 2010

RGV:want to watch Raktha Charitra in "Ananthapur”

Ramgopal Varma held a press meet at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad and says the film is all set to release on October 22nd. Speaking to the media RGV said, “Different people are thinking in different ways about the prospects of Raktha Charitra. The ambiguity will be over on October 22. Of all my films, this one is different. There are no similarities between my previous flick with mafia as the backdrop, Company, and this present Raktha Charitra with faction backdrop. There is going to be physical violence here. When I was readying the script for Raktha Charitra, there was only one person in my mind to suit Paritala Ravi, and he is Vivek Oberoi. The body language he exhibited was perfect. I had not shown any character in the downward trend, but in tune with the reality that I had come to know of the factionist people. There is no villain and there is no hero.”

“I have not seen Paritala Ravi and his enemies fighting with each other. But, it was narrated by those who watched the gory factions. I believed them and found them interesting. So, I incorporated them as a story for entertainment. Of course, there is again no guarantee that what I was told was true. I also can`t give any assurance that what I have presented is true. The audience will not have any sentiment, costumes and comedy and songs. Anyways, I got associated with the town of Ananthapur, when I was doing this film. So, I want to watch the film in Ananthapur, when it gets released. My entire team is going to watch there,” RGV added.

Vivek Oberoi said: “I am happy to get introduced to Tollywood with Raktha Charitra. Before I started on the role of Paritala Ravi (in film as Pratap Ravi), I didn`t know about such a man. After the script was narrated to me, I was stunned, when I realised that such a character existed in real life! There is energy, power, vengeance and hot blood in the role. I really like Telugu films a lot. I watched Magadheera many times. I am a fan of Telugu films.”


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