October 7, 2010

Mahesh-Khaleja Movie Review

Movie : Khaleja
Rating: 3.25/5
Cast : Mahesh Babu, Anushka, Prakashraj, Rao Ramesh, Shafi, Ali, Sunil, Brahmi, Subbaraju, Tanikella, Raghu Babu, M S Narayana, Dharmavarapu, Amit, Veda etc    
Directed by : Trivikram Srinivas
Produced by : Singanamala Ramesh,
Banner : Sri Kanakaratna Movies
Music : Mani Sharmaa


Seetarama Raju (Mahesh Babu) is a Cab driver and he comes to Rajasthan in search of a family. There is a reason behind that and in this process, he meets a TV channel member (sunil). His flashback reveals how he also met Subhashini (Anushka) and how her 'iron leg' brings him trouble, how he comes across the murder of a researcher and his assistant. Meanwhile, in a small village, a man by name Siddappa (Shafi) sets out on a journey to find the one saviour who can rescue his village members from sure death. He gets the signals when he sees Seetarama Raju but Raju doesn't believe it one bit. Where is that village? What is the link between the village and the killings of the researcher? All this and more forms the rest of the story.

Artist performances:

Mahesh Babu is very handsome and elegant. His stylish looks and trendy costumes once again make him a teen heartthrob. True to his image of Prince Charming, Mahesh Babu mesmerizes with this on-screen presence. His action episodes are great and his body language is very energetic.

Anushka, as a demure damsel, is attractive. Her essential impishness fits the role to the T (tee). However, she needs to improve her expressions in emotional scenes.

Rao Ramesh does well as a foreteller – almost the same character like he did in Magadheera. Shafi also did well as Rao Ramesh’s disciple.

Prakash Raj and Thannikela Bharani are adequate.

Highlites Of the Movie :

    * Mahesh's performance and dialogue delivery
    * Comedy track
    * 'Om Namo Rudraya..' song
    * Cinematography
    * Technical values
    * Rao Ramesh's performance


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