October 10, 2010

‘Khaleja’ Is Not That Bad

The much awaited and long talked about movie of the season ‘Khaleja’ renamed ‘Mahesh Khaleja’ has finally hit the screens. More than the time taken, it was about the comeback of Mahesh Babu after a long hiatus that excited many.

Well, the weekend has arrived and here are the views and thoughts of those who have watched the film. Shruti, a college girl said “it was thrilling to see Mahesh back on the screen. He is looking even more handsome and cute, I loved the film”.

Anish, an IT employee said “the film must not be compared to ‘Athadu’ since such films only come once. If looked at ‘Khaleja’ independently, it is not that bad after all”.

Vasu, a proper Mahesh Babu fan said “I am disappointed with the film, I expected it to be much better than ‘Athadu’ but it was below expectations”.

As for Hema, a housewife, “the divinity aspect was a different thing and Mahesh was a completely different person on the screen unlike his earlier films that was a good touch”.

Venugopal, a bank employee said “the comedy track was good and though it was in parts, it gave light moments, Mahesh’s comedy timing is excellent”.

Malathi, a hardcore admirer of Mahesh said “it would have been better if Mahesh stuck to classy roles, I didn’t like his double meaning dialogues, there is no proper storyline till interval, it was confusing”.

Harshavardhan Rao, a retired employee said “the film was a waste. There was no family entertainment and neat comedy. I could not see eye to eye with my kids in the theatre”.

Arun, who works with an MNC said “Mahesh should have worked with some ‘Kasi’ on this project and scored a blockbuster, instead it turned out to be a stale entertainer”.

Priyanka also voiced her concern “ it was rather ridiculous to show Anushka like a dumb twit, I mean, she doesn’t know if she is in Rajasthan, she is unaware of what is happening around, given her background, she will be much aware than the rest of the gang”.

Last but not the least, Eshwaramma, a GHMC employee said “Mahesh films are meant for entertainment of all and not just the masses. This one was not prepared well and there was a lot of inconsistency”. Well, that’s the real judges talking folks.


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