October 30, 2010

"Bava" Movie Review

Siddhartha’s Bava was released with grand openings . The film released with the highest number of prints. The film starring Siddhartha, Pranitha and Rajendra Prasad comes up with an interesting story.

Bava Anecdote:
The story starts in a village back drop where Veerababu (Siddharth) plays the role of a village guy of Venkatapuram. Veerababu’s family is small and happy family where our hero is loved by his Father (Rajendra Prasad) and his mother. The main film starts here where the hero falls in love with Varalakshmi (Pranitha), girl of an adjacent village, who is born in a wealthy and big family. He continuously follows her for her acceptance but Varalakshmi accepts his love only after knowing that he is her childhood friend.

Everything goes well for sometime, one day her father gets to know about her love with Veerababu and plans her marriage with guy who is the son of a Village head. Varalakshmi who observes all the happenings at home informs Veerababu about her marriage and asks him to get rid of this.Veerababu after thinking for a while ends up in marrying her. After getting married both of them will reach Veerababu’s house for the blessings of his parents. His father who gets dazed with the situation tells him that Varalakshmi is the daughter of his maternal uncle. Later on the story carries the facets like why Veerababu’s family is far from relatives and why Varalakshmi is sent back to home even after marriage will shape up the story.

Siddarth asusal has involved in the character as he always do in his movies. His attempt to speak in the coastal slang must be appreciated. But in the climax it becam a little artificial.Rajendra Prasad was mild. His character was not portrayed properly and in a way, he was not used to his total caliber. He excelled in a bit of mono action in the fields in first half. Pranitha looks homely and at the same time has enough sex appeal. She is confident in front of the camera. By this she has scored in glamour and performance departments.  Her intro scene with ‘Ringa Ringa..’ song is entertaining. Ahuti Prasad was regular, Tanikella was neat, Samrat was handsome and did a good job, Brahmi and Ali comedy track took off well but fizzled out, Raghu Babu was brief, Prasad, Venu and gang gave many smiles, Kasi Viswanath, Bharath and others were there to fill the screen. The actress who did the role of Siddarth’s mom was decent, Sindhu Tulani was a misfit.

Bava will be liked by all sections of audience as its carries all the commercial facets.Bava will liked by the family audience and particularly women. Siddharth’s fans will adore the film more and the key factor for the film is Pranitha’s glamour.

Bottom-line: A beautiful love story and complete family entertainer
Banner: Keerthi Combines.
Cast: Siddharth, Pranitha, Rajendra Prasad, Brahmanandam, Ali, Ahuti Prasad, Raghu Babu, Nassar and others

Music: Chakri

Director: Rambabu

Producer: M L Kumar Chowdary


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